Ronnie Needham's Central Park on a Sunday

Ronnie Needham's Central Park on a Sunday

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Nothing is as much fun as taking a walk with your dogs or a loved one in the park my favorite park is in New York City.                                                                     

I lived in New York on 29th and 10th Avenue for 5 Years, about 20 weeks a year. 

I always loved to take my two Yorkies for walks almost every Saturday we would walk over to Central Park walk the entire park visit the pond with the small sail boats, have lunch, enjoy playing on the great lawn.

Lucy and Gracie always loved to go bye Bye and ride in their doggie baby buggy. I think one of the best ways to spend a Saturday is in the park. At least once a month go to any poark get out with your kids , wife, husband, mom or dad and enjot mother naturel.

The park is always so beautiful and peaceful is a fine way to get close to God.

May God Bless,
Ronnie Needham