Blue Heaven Bracelet

Blue Heaven Bracelet

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Featuring Five One Carat Amazonite Gemstones

A friend of mine told me this story.  I remember hearing my grandparents sing the old gospel hymn,’ How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.’  Even though it is now many years later, I smile when I hear that hymn and I feel peace, when I think of Heaven.

The Blue Heaven bracelet is made from Amazonite which is a natural stone created by the forces of God and nature. Amazonite has a beautiful color with white matrix which gives a marbled effect. The blue color of the blue Heaven bracelet reminds me of Heaven and the promises of God’s paradise that he has planned for us.  Whenever I look towards the sky and I see the beauty of the blue clouds, I feel God’s peace.

When you see the blue color of this bracelet, you will find your own peace because it will also remind you of God’s promise of Heaven.  Give the Blue Heaven bracelet to anyone that you love and care about.

May God Bless