Mother Nature At Her Best Bracelet

Mother Nature At Her Best Bracelet

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Mother Nature At her Best- Featuring 2 Adventure 1ct 6mm beads, 1 Ruby 1ct 6mm bead and 2 Amazonite 1ct 6mm beads.  100% natural stones.

Growing up in the mountains you get to see some of the absolute best from Mother Nature.  The mountains are fantastic and the oceans of the earth are full of life. The national parks all over America are just so beautiful and full of God’s animals.  Mother Nature is a true gift for God.

My grandmother once said that Eastern Kentucky is so beautiful, that God got tired when he was making it and laid his hand down on the mountains to rest.  She said that is why the mountains are so beautiful.  I think this is a great way to describe the mountains.

Also, in the mountains you can see millions of stars at night, an amazing sight.

The earth is full of precious and semi-precious gemstones.  Again, this is Mother Nature at her best.