MYLA My Love Bracelet

MYLA My Love Bracelet

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This is a true love story.  I went through elementary and high school with 5 friends that were very special to me. One of my friends liked this girl in the 3rd grade, and she liked him until the 4th grade.

They never dated in high school and both went their separate ways after graduation. Life is full of twists and turns.  Now 40 years have passed since we graduated, and we held our 40th year class reunion.  We all had fun and after 40 years my two friends reconnected that evening and finally got their first dance.  Neither was married and their first dance led to a first date.  Within a year, they were married and to this day, everyone from our class can see and know that they have that incredibly special kind of love, that kind of love that is very rare and very exciting.

We all love them so much and enjoy reading their Facebook posts to each other. They have something incredibly special.

Both were our classmates and our version of Romeo and Juliet.