Ronnie Needham "My Guardian Angel Watching Over Me"

Ronnie Needham "My Guardian Angel Watching Over Me"

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This Bracelet is made with a beautiful Swarovski Crystal Pearl.

I loved my Grandmother and I was the first Grandson when she got promoted to Heaven. I flew into Louisville as she was dying, but by the time I made it to the hospital, she was already in a coma and I was not able to say goodbye. I had been taught to do her last wishes and when she passed, I told everyone to go to my dad’s house while I stayed with my grandmother and made sure I combed her hair and did all of the things on the list.  A few days later, I flew back to Chicago to work the mall cart, this was 1993.  It was just before Christmas and the hours were very long with the start of my day being at 6:00 am.  As I exited the car in the mall parking lot, I distinctly heard my Grandmother say, “IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY BOY.” This was the first day back from work and I wouldn’t be returning to my room until 10:00 pm that night.

She used to call me boy all the time.  I called my dad and explained what had happened to me and he said this is the second call he had received in the past half hour. Grandma had also come back to see my Aunt Joyce Ann, and APPEARING AS A GHOST said, “Look at me Joyce Ann, I got my leg back”. Her leg had been lost due to complications with diabetes.

I asked my dad what he made of this.  He said I can only tell you what my grandmother taught me.  The Eastern Kentucky mountain people believed if the love is strong enough and pure enough, God lets the loved one come back and say they are OK. He went on to say they would be your guardian angel and watch over you the rest of your life.

I have seen some things I cannot explain.  I do think your Guardian angel does watch over you all the days of your life, until you get to heaven.