Ronnie Needham "Finding Peace By The Ocean" Bracelet

Ronnie Needham "Finding Peace By The Ocean" Bracelet

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The first time I saw the ocean, a calm came over me as I had never seen anything this big or this beautiful.

I love the ocean and have seen the oceans all over the world hundreds of times over the last 45 years. One of my favorite oceans, is the Blue Grotto in Italy.  It is a fantastic ocean with a cave and what many say has the bluest water on the Earth.

I was in Hawaii on the island of Oahu snorkeling in Hanauma Bay.  This was such a great experience with 1000’s of fishes living in the bay.  Hanauma Bay is a large volcano that blew out thousands of years ago and today, it is one of the top places on the earth to go snorkeling.

I hope you find your peace by the Ocean, as I do each and every time, I see the ocean.