Ronnie Needham "Mary Frances" Bracelet

Ronnie Needham "Mary Frances" Bracelet

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One of the most pivotal moments in my life occurred when I was six years old!

Mary Frances is my Grandmother who lived in the Eastern Kentucky Mountains.  She lived in a little house way up in the mountains.  She had about 10 acres of land and then about 300 more yards to the very top. The road to her home was extremely steep, then it would flatten out somewhat.

My grandmother’s home had no heat and no running water which meant no indoor bathroom. This was common in Harlen Country in Eastern Kentucky in 1962.

 One morning when I was six years old, she woke me before dawn she said, “come on boy get up.”  She called me boy all the time.  She had a flashlight and grabbed an apple and a small paring knife.

As we left her home and headed up to the top of the mountain, she said, “I am going to show you a miracle.”

I was scared.  It was dark in the middle of the night in Eastern Kentucky.  We walked to the top, crossed a stream and headed to the top of the mountain to a big rock. We sat down on the rock and she handed me a piece of the apple. I was very scared, and it was getting close to dawn.  She said, “As I show and teach you, boy, remember and do the same one day for your children.”

In the mountains that night there had been a freezing rain that formed ice around all of the many tree branches.  At the top of the mountain was a valley without any homes. For as far as you could see, the mountain formed a perfect angle and when the sun came up, my grandmother said, “Behold God’s promise to never flood the world again”.  As the sun was coming up, it had made a million rainbows.  They were everywhere all around us.  This was the best thing I had ever seen.  I must agree that was my first miracle and it was amazing. I did remember to teach my kids about God and the Bible.

We walked back down to her home and she made us some breakfast and afterward, she gave me my first Bible picture story book.  She read a story to me every night from the picture Bible book before going to bed.  This was the best gift anyone could have given to me because it led me to know Jesus.

That day has guided me all the days of my life. I consider this to be one of the best gifts I have ever received, my children’s Bible book stories.

My grandmother taught me a great many things.  At the top of the list was to have faith in the Lord.  She always said “Boy, you must have faith.”

Thank you,
Grandma Frances

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