Ronnie Needham "Mother's Memories" Bracelet

Ronnie Needham "Mother's Memories" Bracelet

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This is a SPECIAL ORDER-made to order bracelet!

"For that special occasion, this bracelet features four birth month Swarovski crystals with two gold beads. Each birth month is accented by a Swarovski crystal commemorating that special occasion.

It is incredibly attractive and very affordable, making it a great gift for your mother. A wonderful way to just say, 'I love you Mom.'

Example of setting:  Your mom may have two children, then add 1 for Mom and 1 crystal for Dad; or Mom may have 3 children then add Mom's crystal, etc.

Use your creativity to make something special for you and your heart."


This bracelet can only have 4 stones. Please put stones in order in the note section or call us at 662-369-2726!