Ronnie Needham "No Sorrow In Heaven" Bracelet

Ronnie Needham "No Sorrow In Heaven" Bracelet

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My Grandmother once told me that God would never put more on me than I could stand. I really believe this to be true, How so? Well when you are close to the Lord, I believe that you will be tested in all things that come from this world. I think it is in those times when you are tested that God loves you the most and what really is being tested is your faith and trust in the Lord.

When the odds are against you, and all logic says it cannot be done, in that very moment in time your faith rules.  In other words nothing is impossible with the Lord.

My dad once told me that if someone does not believe in God, do you realize that when their mom, dad, sibling and friends die and go to heaven, they will not know you anymore.

I was astounded and thought how horrible and asked my dad, Why?

He said son you can have no sorrow in heaven so if you are in Hell, God takes away all memories from them, so they have peace and happiness in Heaven.

All who know you will never know you. Now who would want to risk that, imagine your own family and anyone who loved or knew you will never remember anything about you, it is  like you never existed in the first place.

My dad said to me, and this has led a great many people to the Lord.

May God bless you,
Ronnie Needham