Ronnie Needham "The Way We Were" Bracelet

Ronnie Needham "The Way We Were" Bracelet

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I grew up in America where all of the people had pride, everyone was a patriotic person, everyone worked hard and everyone was a good neighbor. My dad’s generation was known as the greatest generation of all time. Then the baby boomers and everyone just wanted it to be a little better for their kids.

We have come a long way and along the path it was hard times, but we grew as a country. The greatest country in the world was based on freedom and it was our religious freedom that set America apart. Now a lot of our freedoms are under attack.

In the history of the world, every time America has faced very horrible hard time, a revival of faith has come to America. I believe we once again, will rise to the challenge and become once again, the greatest free nation on Earth, one nation under God.

I believe we all remember,

The Way We Were