Ronnie Needham's "God's Love Is A Precious Gift" Bracelet

Ronnie Needham's "God's Love Is A Precious Gift" Bracelet

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Over the last six decades, I think about what my Grandmother and Mother taught me about God’s love.  God’s love is a precious gift and God’s love is dependable.  One of the most precious and dependable gifts is a diamond and/or precious stones.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a diamond or a precious gemstone.  It is not the size of the stone; it is the size of the heart felt though emotion that really counts.

Diamonds are traditionally seen as a symbol of faithfulness, respect, love, purity, innocence, and relationships filled with love.  Diamonds have been regarded over the centuries as a love- bearing crystal, which are dependable in its virtues when received as a gift.  Therefore, it is no surprise that diamonds are used in our engagement rings.

Diamonds also attract abundance, strength, power, courage, fortitude, creativity, imagination, purity, harmony, faithfulness, innocence and increases feelings of self-respect and love.

When you give this as a gift, take a few moments to write that special loved one a letter.  We all need more written letters in our lives.  A letter is something that you can hold on to and enjoy for years to come.

Nothing can compare to God’s love for you and for me. May God bless you.